Yellow Vein Kratom Powder


Best of Both Worlds

Discover the unique effects of Calgary Kratom yellow kratom powders: mild, unobtrusive mental energy combined with physical relaxation and pain relief.




Yellow Kratom Powder

Need pain relief and energy falling somewhere between a “slow” Red Vein kratom powder and a “moderate” Green Vein? Try Yellow kratom powder from Calgary Kratom!



Buy The Best Yellow Kratom Online

Yellow kratom powders are some of our rarest and most specialized Mitragyna speciosa products. Though some sites claim to sell “yellow vein kratom powder”, at Calgary Kratom we want to educate our buyers, and clarify this fascinating variety.

How is Yellow Kratom Powder Made?

Yellow kratom powder is not made from the yellow-vein leaves of the kratom tree – which, as far as we know, don’t exist – but from a combination of Green Vein and White Vein leaves. These leaves are stacked and cured using a special method that involves fermentation. The curing and drying process results in altered alkaloids and, in some instances, a slightly yellowish tint to the powder.

Maybe you’ve tried mixing Red Vein and Green Vein strains in the past, and just haven’t managed the right combination, or maybe you’re new to kratom and have read lots of anecdotal reports about the effects of each strain. If you’re drawn to something in between the deep sedation and pain relief of Red Vein and the mild to moderate stimulation of Green Vein, try Calgary Kratom Yellow kratom powder. You’ll be glad you did!




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